Find a poly-friendly therapist at the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Kink/Poly-Friendly Providers site:
There are several benefits for utilizing a poly-informed counselor or coach to help with your polyamorous relationship:

  • Build stronger communication & validation skills

  • Deconstruct and process previous relationship trauma or triggers interfering with secure attachment

  • Develop greater compersion (taking joy in other's joy) and reduce jealousy or hurt feelings

  • Devise an egalitarian and ethical framework for mutually agreed upon relationship ground rules

  • Learn how to improve reciprocity and identify each other's needs, desires, and wants

  • Tap into the strength of each individual within the relationship to enhance your overall bond

  • Navigate challenges regarding coming out to family, friends, co-workers, and community members
  • Discuss the dynamics of transgender/gender queer in terms of relationship expression
  • Include important aspects of kink, fetish, or alternative sexuality in a safe and affirming environment