Dr. Peterson is a poly-friendly and poly-competent counselor fully licensed with a professional and personal connection to polyamory.  Not only that, but we are kink aware and fetish friendly, recognizing the full diversity of sexual and gender expression.  Dr. Peterson is dedicated to providing high quality counseling and coaching for gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and other sexual minorities, ranging from solopoly to polyexclusivity (including a variety of polyamorous relationships, alternative relationships, alternative sexualities, or non-monogamous relationships). 

There are several benefits for utilizing a poly-informed counselor or coach to help with your polyamorous relationship:

  • Build stronger communication & validation skills

  • Deconstruct and process previous relationship trauma or triggers interfering with secure attachment

  • Develop greater compersion (taking joy in other's joy) and reduce jealousy or hurt feelings

  • Devise an egalitarian and ethical framework for mutually agreed upon relationship ground rules

  • Learn how to improve reciprocity and identify each other's needs, desires, and wants

  • Tap into the strength of each individual within the relationship to enhance your overall bond

  • Navigate challenges regarding coming out to family, friends, co-workers, and community members
  • Discuss the dynamics of transgender/gender queer in terms of relationship expression
  • Include important aspects of kink, fetish, or alternative sexuality in a safe and affirming environment